Paul Gravett, born in 1960 in Canada, is an acclaimed abstract photographer based in Vancouver, BC. Specializing in the medium of photography, Gravett is best known for his innovative works that blur the boundary between photography and fine art. His "Colour Studies" series, which embraces unpredictability, is particularly celebrated for pushing the limits of what is possible with the photographic medium. Through these experimental images, he invites viewers to appreciate intricate details of colour, light, and texture.
Gravett's work primarily focuses on abstraction, characterized by an exploration of patterns, hues, and textures. His images transform perceptions and spark the imagination, challenging conventional notions of the medium. Important projects such as "Colour Studies" highlight his ability to capture and celebrate the intricate details of his subjects, showcasing a unique interplay of light and texture that captivates and engages audiences.
Paul Gravett has exhibited his work extensively, with notable solo exhibitions at the A Smith Gallery in Texas and various galleries throughout British Columbia. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Sweden, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Australia, Mexico, the United States, and Canada. His works are included in various private national and international collections. Gravett's contributions to the field of photography have been recognized with numerous international awards, including the Budapest International Foto Awards (Gold and 1st Place), Tokyo International Foto Awards (Gold), Minimalist Photography Awards (Second Place), London International Creative (finalist), PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris (honourable mention), International Photography Awards, International Color Award, and Close Up Photography of the Year (second place, manmade category). (see a list of awards and exhibitions here)
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